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Happy Veterans Day

I always think of my Dad Otis Hicks on this day. He was a proud Marine, and I am the keeper of his flag. If you have a veteran in your life, make a point to say “thank you” on … Continue reading

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I Love Each and Every Christmas Tradition

I love Christmas because I love traditions.  At this time of year, I cannot help but get nostalgic thinking about Christmas at my Mama’s home in Crossett, Arkansas. My mama (Evora Hicks) absolutely loved Christmas. She started getting ready in … Continue reading


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Time For Some Serious Mommy Bragging

It seems that every day of my life, my Mama managed to tell someone , “I have three pretty girls!”  Without fail, my Dad would say, “and the monkey thinks her girls are pretty too!”  And he would fall out … Continue reading

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A Tribute to a Father’s Wisdom

Father’s Day is Sunday. Here’s my tribute to my Dad reprinted from the Start Your Week with a Quilt newsletter. Some people think you have to have graduate degrees and a lot of letters behind your name to be wise. … Continue reading

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