A Quilter’s Life

atlanta-album2004Quilting is my passion. I began quilting as a way to relieve stress from a high profile, political job. Along the way, I found my bliss. I have  made over 300 quilts that have found their way into homes of collectors all over the world.

My first public display of quilts involved my former law office. I started with a signature memory quilt for my staff that still hangs today in the main conference room of the Fulton County Attorneys’ Office. A quilt hung in each of the conference rooms there, as well as the reception area and the library. Many of the collectors of my quilts are attorneys, and many use them to add an unusual flair to their office decor.

Two of my quilts are published in the volume Georgia Quilts — Piecing Together A History. This documentation of Georgia quilts is available in fine book stores and on Amazon.com.

I am a Past President of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild. The ladies in this guild are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

My passion for quilts led me to establish the Clara Ford Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is preserve and promote African American quilting. Ultimately, the Foundation hopes to establish an African American quilt museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

My life as a quilter continues to evolve. I hope you will join me on my journey.


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