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O.V. Brantley

O. V. Brantley

505 Stonebriar Way, SW

Atlanta, GA 30331


Twitter:       ovbrantley

Facebook:  O. V. Brantley Quilt Studio


11 Responses to Contact me

  1. Brendalyn Lumpkins says:

    What an awesome website! Thanks for sharing your “life.”



  2. Liz Hicks says:

    Your quilts are very impressive. I enjoyed viewing your gallery.

    Thank you for including my daughter, Kyra’s, book among your favorites.

    Liz Hicks, Los Angeles


  3. ovbrantley says:

    Kyra and I have emailed each other in the past. I worked with Charles at the City of Atlanta Law Department. Also, Kyra and I thought we might be related because my maiden name is Hicks. I grew up in Crossett, AR. My father was Otis Hicks.

    Thank you for viewing my quilts. I love sharing them.


  4. Jodi & Grant says:

    Dear Ovbrantly “Quilting Queen”,
    I’ve been researching your beautiful quilts. Stumbled upon some of your old blogs. But I thought I might email you through this current blog. I’m seeking to purchase one of your African Memory Quilts. I large one, or two small ones, or perhaps something in between …. for my two children that I’m adopting from Ethiopia. We are looking for African focused theme. My husband and I …. if possible … thought it would be great if one of your quilts was the first item that we bought for our children.

    I’ve fallen in love with your quilts. Wow!


  5. Bonnie J. Dejoie says:

    Dear O.V. Brantley,

    I am thoroughly enjoying your quilts and you are inspiring me to complete some of the ones that I have not finished for various and sundry reasons.

    Do you ever sell your patterns, or just the quilts? I especially like Evora’s Earth.

    Bonnie J. Dejoie


  6. Gale Gay says:

    Are any members of the guild from DeKalb County? I’m an editor with The Champion Newspaper and would be interested in doing an article on quilters living in DeKalb.


    • ovbrantley says:

      Absolutely! I don’t have everyone’s home address handy, but we are technically based in DeKalb County. We meet every third Saturday at the Wesley Chapel Library on Wesley Chapel Road. Until this year, our quilt show was always at the library. Here are some other contacts. I am President. Jeanette Walton, [] is publicity chair for the Quilt Show. Marva Swanson, [,] is the quilt show chairperson. Our founders Nancy Franklin and Jocelyn Carter both live in DeKalb County, I think. Please feel free to come to our 7/18 meeting at the Wesley Chapel Library at 11 a.m. if you want.


  7. Such a nice site.


  8. Your blog is full of fantastic quilts and great stories. I love what you do. I quilt, but very rarely. I admire your dedication and creativity. Have you seen the quilts of Gees Bend Alabama? I saw them on exhibit and they were spectacular and full of love and hope .. here’s a little video about Gees Bend. Let me know what you think. .


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