My Life as a Mom

india-me-at-retirement-party71907I am the proud Mom of India. India is 17 years old and attends the Lovett School.  She has been the source of much inspiration for my quilting,  my writing , and yes, my conflict resolution skills. Since I am prone to being a braggart where she is concerned, I thought I would be up front about it and give her a page.

India is a joyful child who loves life. I tag along for the ride. She loves her clarinet and plays in the band. She is a starting post player on her basketball team and can be quite tenacious. She is hoping to get into a good college. She loves parties (especially sleepovers), traveling and singing. Lately she fancies herself the next great photographer. When she was younger, she was a beauty queen, a ballet dancer, a jazz dancer and a volleyball player.

Although to her chagrin, people say we look alike, she does not quilt, and she does not plan to be an attorney. Nevertheless, I think she likes me. The current career goal is sports medicine. 

We both love our dog Justin, a black and white Shih Tzu, but I decided not to give him a page.


2 Responses to My Life as a Mom

  1. Dana says:

    your website is beautiful, I love your delta bond quilt it is gorgeous,
    love Soro Nettles
    you and your daugther are both beautiful people


    • ovbrantley says:

      Thank you so much! I am really proud of the young woman India has become. I am glad to know you like “Through the Bonds of Delta.” I hope you will visit the site often because I make a lot of red and white quilts. My personal favorite so far is “Roses are Red.”


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