My Life as a Mediator



After 30 years of working in a very public and high profile political arena, I learned a thing or two about conflict resolution. My job as the Fulton County Attorney required me to advise and counsel the seven member Board of Commissioners. This Board was comprised of four Democrats and three Republicans who often had very different points of view. Navigating these waters required a keen intellect,  high integrity, much empathy, and outstanding listening skills.

After retiring, I trained and became certified as a mediator.  I joined the firm of Henning Mediation and Arbitration Service where  I mediated many types of cases. After three years with that firm, I have now opened my own mediation practice. Although I mediate many types of disputes,  I am particularly skilled  at issues involving governments, discrimination and other employment issues. Visit my mediation web site at for more detailed information about my mediation practice.

If you need help resolving a case, contact me directly at or call 404-444-3231. My mailing address is 505 Stonebriar Way, SW, Atlanta, GA 30331.


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