My Life as a Granddaughter

Clara Ford

Clara Ford

My grandmother was a quilter. Her name was Clara Ford, and she lived and quilted in Crossett, Arkansas until her death in 1966.

I can still remember the large quilt frame in the middle of her small house and the bits of bright fabric strewn about. I did not see the usefulness of quilting at that time.

In 1999, needing a stress outlet, I taught myself to quilt. Later when I inherited eight of my grandmother’s quilts, I wanted to ensure that they were treasured and protected. I founded the Clara Ford Foundation, not only to protect my grandmother’s quilts, but to do my part in preserving a art form.


1 Response to My Life as a Granddaughter

  1. O. V.,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas quilt; “Crossett Christmas”. Being a graduate of Arkansas A.M. & N. College the only Crosset I was familiar with was in Arkansas. I have been receiving your posts for some time and thrilled we have a connection in hobbies and our Arkansas roots.


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