About My Life

O.V. Brantley quilting

O.V. Brantley quilting

My life as an attorney, my life as a quilter, my life as a writer and my life as a Mom have come together in the most blessed way. After retiring from my position as the Chief Legal Officer for Fulton County, the largest county in Georgia, I embarked on a career in the field of conflict resolution. This leaves me ample time for the other  loves in my life — my quilting, my writing and my daughter India. I love sharing my quilts, my wisdom, my joys, and  my sorrows. Like most proud parents, I love talking about India.

Welcome to my life!


9 Responses to About My Life

  1. Hey there: I finally decided to check out your website. I love the writings as much as the quilts. I soooo appreciate the writings as a mother…and, most of all, the positive attitude and desire to always be thankful, even through the stings.

    India got a great mom out the deal!

    Happy quilting.


  2. Chelsea Jackson says:

    Your quilts are fabulous!! My mother always tells me about you, and as soon as I take the Bar Exam, she’s going to teach me how to quilt (um, well, and sew too). THEN, I’m going to join Brown Sugar Stitchers and try to makes quilts as lovely and original as the ones on your website. Thanks for the inspiration Miss O.V.!


    • ovbrantley says:

      Thank you! Just make sure you do first things first. I passed the bar in 1978 so I have earned the right to quilt until my heart is content. Pass the bar and then quilt. Good luck!


  3. Georgia Lewis says:

    I received the “Woman Warrior”, quilt as a gift from my son John Lewis Jr., which he purchased at an auction at the March 5th Women Lawyers of Color Leadership Institute in Atlanta. I was in awe of having been the recipient of such an awsome work or art! I could feel the energy that was put into every stitch. The birthday card from my son read, “to my mother, a Woman Warrior”. His father and I are so proud of him and the person he has become. He is truly his father’s son.
    Thanks for sharing your passion.


    • ovbrantley says:

      Receiving your comment absolutely made my day! It makes me very happy to know that my quilts have a good home. Theyare like my children.

      When I met your son soon after he won the quilt, I said to him, “I had a strong woman in mind when I made the quilt. I never dreamed a man would bid on it let alone win it!”

      He said not to worry, he would find someone special to give it to. I see that he did.



  4. Irma White says:

    O. V.

    Thanks for sharing your talents with the world. Your life stories are quite inspiring and your quilts – oh well, what can I say – not only are they beautiful but the stories behind them make me appreciate quilting even more.

    Also, you have been an excellent president of the Brown Sugar Stitchers. I have enjoyed your tenure.


  5. Jean Hicks McIntosh says:

    Linda shared your quilting site with me and I passed it on to a friend of mind in Memphis who is a quilter, she just loves your site. I justed wanted you to know that I am so very proud of you.


  6. As a newer quilter, I find your blog to be quite inspiring. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The award rules and logo are on my blog at …. http://literaturevslaundry.com/2013/02/27/inspiring-bloggers/ I hope you accept! ~Ilene


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