Joyful Journey is part of Brown Sugar Stitchers Exhibit at AU Woodruff Library

Joyful Journey, 68 x 74 inch art quilt, by O.V. Brantley, 2013.

Joyful Journey, 68 x 74 inch art quilt, by O.V. Brantley, 2013.

Joyful Journey is part of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild exhibit at the Atlanta University Woodruff Library through May, 2014.  This quilt is a very special scrap quilt because the scraps represent over a decade of collecting ethnic fabrics.

Joyful Journey  measures 68 x 74 inches. This is a quilt that one must enjoy up close and slowly so that nothing is missed. The ethnic prints are offset by black strips and border. This quilt is pieced and quilted by machine and finished with a kente cloth binding. It has been washed to give it a heirloom texture. The fabric on the back is a regal emerald green with an African lady motif. There is a hanging sleeve on the back and a label that documents the quilt.

This quilt is one of a kind. I named it Joyful Journey because collecting fabric for my quilting has brought me great joy over the years. It is offered for sale in my ETSY Studio Store and available for shipment after the exhibit ends.

I hope you get a chance to see the entire Brown Sugar Stitchers exhibit. You will not be disappointed.


About ovbrantley

I am a passionate quilter who also is the general counsel for a major urban county in Georgia. I manage to pursue my triple passions of motherhood, quilting and traveling.
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