Personal Reflection on Dr. Martin Luther King

Subtle Struggle Toward the Dream, 45 x 60 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2011. For sale at

I am a child of the Civil Rights movement. It is hard to believe that I am only 58 years old, and I attended segregated schools. I grew up in Crossett, Arkansas, and I did not go to school with white children until I was in the seventh grade.

Luckily, my 20-year old daughter can hardly imagine such a thing. She also cannot imagine that she is not pretty. She cannot image that she was born stupid. She cannot imagine anybody thinks she has a tail.  She would not waste one brain cell thinking of such foolishness as my generation did. This is an enormous blessing that I attribute to  the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Because of him, my daughter was  born into a world without limits.  She is free to use her imagination on other things — making a beautiful picture, curing cancer, eliminating poverty, singing classical music, enjoying a wonderful meal in a beautiful restaurant.  You know what I mean, — joyful things instead of hateful things.

Thank you, Dr. King!


About ovbrantley

I am a passionate quilter who also is the general counsel for a major urban county in Georgia. I manage to pursue my triple passions of motherhood, quilting and traveling.
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