How Do You Organize Your Quilt Books?

Library Quilt 01

Fulton County Attorney Law Library, 104 x 84 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2005.

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4 Responses to Library Quilt 01

  1. marjorie says:

    This is very cool! Did you make a pattern or piece it as you went? Beautiful!


    • ovbrantley says:

      Thank you! I love this quilt too because I love books.

      The blocks are from a pattern. The standing books are paper pieced. The leaning book is applique. I then arranged the blocks randomly.


      • marjorie says:

        Hi I would like to Pin your quilt on my Pinterest board. Of course I will give you credit. Is that ok with you? PS do you sell the pattern? Love this piece.


      • ovbrantley says:

        Of course you can pin it. I love sharing my quilts. I did not create the pattern, and unfortunately I cannot remember who did. Google book shelf quilt and you may be able to find it.


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