Brittany is Airtran A+ Flight Attendant


Have a Cup of Tea -- You Are Stronger Than You Think, 21 x 20 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2009. For sale at

Brittany Hervey

My niece and roommate  Brittany Hervey was chosen as the Airtran A+ Flight Attendant for the month of April.  Among other things, this basically means she is able to keep smiling no matter how badly people act out. That takes a strength of character  for which we should all strive.  

I often say I feel like I went through flight attendant training as I suffered through the ups and downs of each test with her.  That is why  I can honestly say an inner glow cannot be trained. You either have it or you don’t.  Lucky for Airtran, they found Brittany, and I am sooo proud of her.  

 If you are flying Airtran, and Brittany is working your flight, give her a hug. Smiling on the outside does not mean you could not use  hug. 

 Have a Cup of Tea — You Are Stronger Than You Think is part of my Have a Cup of Tea series of quilts. These quilts remind us that no matter how bad things are at the moment,  you will get through it, and things will get better.


Meanwhile, keep smiling!


About ovbrantley

I am a passionate quilter who also is the general counsel for a major urban county in Georgia. I manage to pursue my triple passions of motherhood, quilting and traveling.
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1 Response to Brittany is Airtran A+ Flight Attendant

  1. Marva says:

    Go My Lil Princcess! I just added another crystal to your crown. You make me proud!!



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