I am a City Girl at Heart and So is India, but. . .

This week India is hiking in the North Carolina mountains. This, from a girl who does not go out on our patio! Why? Because it’s a mandatory trip for all juniors at the Lovett School unless you get a doctor’s excuse. Now, I am not one to hide behind excuses, but for this, I was prepared to get her a doctor’s excuse! A city girl has her limits.

Surprisingly, India said she wanted to go. She had heard from the seniors that it was actually fun. So we spent weeks buying all the necessary equipment. (Of course we had nothing unless you count toilet paper. Everything we had was banned — IPhone, IPod, makeup,  high heels, indoor plumbing, air conditioning. You get the idea). We bought a back pack, sleeping bag,  flash light, hiking  shoes, rain suit, etc. All the while, I expected her to change her mind. After all city girls do not pee in the woods!

But yesterday, promptly at 7:15 a.m. I dropped her off at school so she could get on the bus for the ride to Mt. Pisgah National Park. I had breakfast near the school just in case she had a  panic attack and decided going back home was the prudent course. After lingering over breakfast for three hours and no phone call, I went home. I still kept waiting for the phone to ring. I stayed up until midnight. I figured that sleeping on the ground would be the last straw.

Well it’s been over 24 hours and no phone call. I guess she will survive, and I should probably get on with my life and enjoy my week of freedom.

They say each generation should be better than the last. That is  certainly the case with us. I love life, but not in the woods. India lives life to the  fullest wherever she lands — even in the woods.

Fall in Love With Life, 60 x 72 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2008.

Fall in Love With Life, 60 x 72 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2008.


About ovbrantley

I am a passionate quilter who also is the general counsel for a major urban county in Georgia. I manage to pursue my triple passions of motherhood, quilting and traveling.
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2 Responses to I am a City Girl at Heart and So is India, but. . .

  1. Jackie says:

    It will be a good experience for her! I too am a city girl and my favorite thing in the world to do is to hike in the mountains. There is something so peaceful and pure about it. Unfortunately, I live in Florida – not a mountain to be seen – so my hiking is something for vacations only. No one was more surprised than me that I enjoy it – I know your daughter will have an experience she will remember forever.

    Enjoy your week!


    • ovbrantley says:

      I am happy to report she made it back safely. While it would not be accurate to say she loved it, I think she did enjoy parts of it. It rained most of the week so that part was no fun. She liked the members of her team, and apparently they worked well together. I can tell she has a sense of pride at having survived it.

      Thank you for reading my blog.


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