Rainy Day in Georgia – Curl up With a Book

I love books so I don’t really need an excuse to curl up with one.  But a rainy day can make a good book even more delicious. Even when I am not reading, I like to have my books all around me. My love of books and a blank wall in the library of my law office inspired Fulton County Attorney Law Library. This quilt is featured in Georgia Quilts – Peicing Together a History.  Each member of my staff gave me the title of a book they would write if they had the time.  These titles are embroidered on the spines of the books. This is a very interesting library!

Fulton County Attorney Law Libray, 84 x104 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2005

Fulton County Attorney Law Libray, 84 x104 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2005


About ovbrantley

I am a passionate quilter who also is the general counsel for a major urban county in Georgia. I manage to pursue my triple passions of motherhood, quilting and traveling.
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3 Responses to Rainy Day in Georgia – Curl up With a Book

  1. Karen says:

    Wonderful quilt.


  2. What a fun idea to ask for book titles. Can you list some that people suggested?


    • ovbrantley says:

      The label on the back of the quilt provides a key to the book titles. Here is the list and the “authors.” India is my daughter. I always let her “cheat” by including a block in all of the office signature quilts.

      Thank you for admiring my quilt. As you might imagine, this quilt was a labor of love.

      Library Quilt Book Names

      Will He Love It? Willie

      Rags to Riches Debbie

      World Peace Through Zoning Larry

      Faith in the Valley Sandreea

      Been There Done That Gwen

      The Rules For Men Steve

      Political Patchwork O. V.

      Think Big Connie

      Simply Bliss Samantha
      Sassy, Single and Satisfied… Judy
      Echo In My Soul Helen

      The Cutting of Teeth Andrew

      Falling Up Randy

      Walk in the Light Vernitia

      Women: A Gift From God” Denval

      A Stitch in Time Lisa

      Blessed In Every Situation.” Faye

      The Life and Times of Mildred Mildred

      Mental Epicure Vincent

      You Only Live Once Rolesia

      And still I work Bessie

      LET IT GO!” Nicolle


      Work Hard, Play Hard June

      Through It All – Say Yes! Toni

      Who Shrunk My Shirt? Carmen

      Exigent Circumstances Paula

      Dog Eat Dog World Sudevi

      Lies and Other Truths Brenda

      Hugs, Kisses and High Fives Rory

      Fire, Ice and Other Elemental Tales John

      Gimme Shelter Lauren

      True Friendship Is Priceless Valerie

      Tax Tales Bob

      Aliens and Dogs India


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